About the Author

a joker, not a thinker

a silent reader, sometimes a stalker

a dreamer, not a liar


not a very big fan of chocolate, onion, bellpepper, seaweed, and greentea.

not into-that-fashion-and-makeup kind of girl but like to dress up nicely, prettily, cutely, and not expensively

in such a deep and really passionate love with pink color

a neat/tidy-freak, put everything in order, except things in my brain

love love love love to sing with my so-so voice

really love duet songs, especially vocal number 2

still challenging myself to sing vocal number 2 perfectly on every songs

a/an cupu skill-less? organist, still and will always learn new things in music world

still hoping that someday i wake up and can read music scores instantly without counting in my head

still trying hard to be more grateful than be a complainer

still trying really hard to get rid some of my bad habit

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